Ario FaisalMy Name is Ario Faisal, my passion is 3d Animation
been working in industries more than 10 years, since 2002 already start working on Animation Industries.

my goal is to created and fulfill your Animation needs in a Fast and Effective way, without sacrificing Quality.

I started out on Motion Graphics, a field which makes any Design that Moves.Along the way, I learn 3d by demand of client request

Now I’m building up a Team from various skill expert, Character animation, Motion Graphic, Rig Artist, liquid specialist, Hair and Fur to respond clients needs.

With experience handling various clients on different countries Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, New York such as Shell, Petronas, Telkom Brunei Telkom Indonesia, Lexus, Datsun and Marlboro, we are more than eligible to help you.Suhagra 100mg